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H/Hr Fandom History

This is the link to my post on Harmonians and the Harry Potter fandom. I am well aware not everyone agrees with it. I cannot speak for anyone else, I can only say this is my stance.

:bulletred: Harmonian Shipping in the Harry Potter Fandom (link)

Harry Potter: Essays I've Written

These are the essays I have written. They are listed by publication date, not by category.

:bulletred: Only Several Sunlit Days: The Ultimate Anti Harry/Ginny Essay (link)

:bulletred: Defending Hermione: Hermione Jean Granger in Half-Blood Prince (link)

:bulletred: Harmony Moments in Deathly Hallows (link)

Harry Potter: Mini Essays I've Written

This is an archive of my journal posts about Harry Potter. My posts range from mini essays, my personal theories, and (sometimes) rants. These are the ones I really like, my favorites; I'm not archiving all of them.

Severus Snape:
:bulletgreen: Snape and Harry Potter Fans (link)
:bulletgreen: Oh come ON, people! (link)
:bulletgreen: Severus and Love (link)
:bulletgreen: Severus Snape is NOT A Sadist (link)
:bulletgreen: Severus is NOT Obsessed (link)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:
:bulletgreen: Two Different Views of the Same Scene (link)

:bulletgreen: Teaching in Harry Potter (link)
:bulletgreen: Death Eaters and Pureblood Traditionalists (link)
:bulletred: Remus Lupin's True Character (link)

Harry Potter: Recommended Essays

So these are my all-time favorite Harry Potter essays.

Note: Just because these are my favorite essays doesn't mean I agree with every single word/idea in them. It means I agree with the general idea and most of the essay. The opinions in my own works take precedence over any of my recommended essays.

Severus Snape:
:bulletgreen: But Snape is just nasty, right? (link)
:bulletgreen: Reserved!Snape - Canon or Fanon? (link)
:bulletgreen: Apothecary Snape (link)
:bulletgreen: The Fully Knowable Severus Snape (link)
:bulletgreen: Snape's (Deliberately Slanted) Memories of Lily (link)
:bulletgreen: Lily’s Reaction to Sirius’s Furry Little Joke (link)
:bulletred: The Harry Filter Phenomenon (link)

Death Eaters ARE NOT Evil:
:bulletblack: British Cultural References in the Harry Potter Books (The last part, which is looking at the Death Eaters) (link)
:bulletblack: Death Eaters in the 'Seventies, or, What were they thinking? (link)

Dark Magic DOES NOT Mean Evil:
:bulletblack: Sectumsempra and the Nature of Curses (link)
:bulletblack: Dark Magic Doth Never Prosper (Split into Two Parts) (link) and (link)
:bulletgreen: Severus and the Dark Arts (link)

Snape IS NOT a Bully:
:bulletblack: British Cultural References in the Harry Potter Books (The first part, which talks about Hogwarts) (link)
:bulletblack: “Mr. Filch has Asked”: Discipline at Hogwarts (link)
:bulletgreen: Poisoning Toads in the Dungeon (Split into two parts) (link) and (link)
:bulletgreen: Snape’s Reputation among his Colleagues: Shattering Trust (link)
:bulletgreen: Rumors of Snape’s Unfairness... (link)
:bulletgreen: Sections on Snape's Teaching and Snape's Bias from the "But Snape is Just Nasty, Right? essay (see above for full essay link)
(link) and (link)

Harry Potter:
:bulletred: How Abused is Harry in Canon? (link)

Regulus Black:
:bulletgreen: A Much Better Son (link)

Sirius Black:
:bulletred: I Blame the Parents (link)

James Potter:
:bulletred: James Potter: Reformed Bad Boy? (link)
:bulletred: Two Views of James Potter (link)
:bulletred: James the Stag (link)

Remus Lupin:
:bulletred: Disaffected: An Exploration of Remus J. Lupin (link)
:bulletred: The Curse of Lycanthropy (link)

Minerva McGonagall:
:bulletred: McGonagall’s Impartiality: A Test Case (link)

Albus Dumbledore:
:bulletgreen: When was Albus Dumbledore Appointed as Headmaster? (link)

Ginny Weasley:
:bulletred: Mary Sues in Harry Potter (Part I (link) Part II (link) Part III (link))

:bulletred: The Beginning of Great Things: PS (link)
:bulletred: Book Moments: Philosopher's Stone (link)
:bulletred: H/H Hints in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (link)
:bulletred: Book Moments: Chamber of Secrets (link)
:bulletred: PoA - The H/H Canon Bible (link)
:bulletred: Book Moments: Prisoner of Azkaban (link)
:bulletred: H/H Hints in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (link)
:bulletred: Book Moments in Goblet of Fire (link)
:bulletred: Harry/Hermione in OotP (link)
:bulletred: Book Moments in Order of the Phoenix (link)
:bulletred: Partners and Friends: The Evolving Relationship Between Harry and Hermione (link)
:bulletred: HBP Evidence for Harmony (link)
:bulletred: Why Harry and Hermione Make Future R/Hr and H/G Pairings Impractical (link)
:bulletred: Harry + Hermione - Ron (link)
:bulletred: The Post-Kiss Scene (link)
:bulletred: Bemused and Breathless (link)
:bulletred: Friendship, Bravery, and Love (link)
:bulletred: Harry and Hermione. How Can You Not Ship Them? (link)
:bulletred: Astronomy O.W.L.: Mars & Venus (link)
:bulletred: Arrogance and Anger or Banter and Violence? (link)
:bulletred: Harry and Hermione: What Krum Saw in GoF (link)
:bulletred: Keeping the Partnership (link)
:bulletred: Whose gaze does Hermione avoid? (link)
:bulletred: Handling Hermione: 2 Approaches (link)
:bulletred: The OotP Christmas Gifts (link)
:bulletred: Lockhart, Krum, & Harry (link)
:bulletred: Believing in Love and Magic: Why H/Hr Appeals to People of All Ages (link)
:bulletred: A Pumpkin Pie State of Mind: A Response to thereader's Essay (link)
:bulletred: A Harry/Hermione Essay (link)
:bulletred: The Matter of A Kiss (link)
:bulletred: Why Hermione Sticks by Harry (link)
:bulletred: Systematic Harmony (link)
:bulletred: Potter, Granger, and Chang: An Analysis (link)
:bulletred: An Analysis of the "Death" Scenes (link)
:bulletred: Harry's Saving People Thing: Not All Rescues Are The Same (link)
:bulletred: A Heart Once Given... (link)
:bulletred: Tying the Knot I (link)
:bulletred: Tying the Knot II (link)
:bulletred: Tying the Knot III (link)
:bulletred: In Defending Hermione... (link)
:bulletred: Who Does Harry Love? (OotP Evidence of Harry's Love for Hermione) (link)
:bulletred: Harry's Subconscious Feelings for Hermione (link)
:bulletred: A Look at Literary Patterns: The Bluebell Flames Charm (link)
:bulletred: Harry Constantly Thinks About Hermione (link)
:bulletred: The Fundamentals of Love (link)
:bulletred: Physical Contact: A Changing Pattern (link)
:bulletred: Hermione Shows More Warmth for Harry (link)
:bulletred: H/Hr, Love and Flying (link)
:bulletred: Hermione vs Ginny (link)

Alchemy (Pro Harry/Hermione):
:bulletred: Alchemy in Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (link)
:bulletred: Alchemy in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (link)
:bulletred: Alchemy in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (link)
:bulletred: Professor Granger, Ron is NOT Sulphur (link)
:bulletred: Solve et Coagula and the Hero's Journey (link)
:bulletred: Chemical Weddings in Harry Potter (link)
:bulletred: Ron the Harmonian (link)
:bulletred: Alchemy in Relation to Deathly Hallows Covers (link)
:bulletred: Alchemy in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (link)

:bulletblue: The Other Side of The Moon (link)
:bulletblue: Why Luna is Better for Ron than Hermione (link)
:bulletblue: Why Ron/Luna? (link)
:bulletblue: Ron and Luna: Luna Chooses Her King (link)
:bulletblue: Moonstruck (link)
:bulletblue: Spiders, Moons, and Necklaces, Oh My! (link)

Anti Harry/Ginny:
:bulletred: Negative Imagery Surrounding Ginny (link)
:bulletred: Ginny Weasley: Trophy Bride (link)
:bulletred: What We Write About When We Write About Love (And Why JKR Isn't Doing It) (link)

Anti Ron/Hermione:
:bulletred: R/Hr more like Molly/Sirius (link)
:bulletred: The Bickering Couple (and why R/Hr ain't it) (link)
:bulletred: Hermione/Fleur - Jealousy or Dislike? (link)
:bulletred: Is Hermione Frustrated About Ron? (link)
:bulletred: Fleur and Ron (link)
:bulletred: Some R/Hr Rebuttals (link)
:bulletred: Shallow Sailing? (link)
:bulletred: Why Hermione is NOT the Right Girl for Ron (link)
:bulletred: Hermione's Feelings for Ron (link)

Bill Weasley/Fleur Delacour:
:bulletblue: Flower and Fang (link)

Harry Potter and Ron Weasley:
:bulletred: Anatomy of A Rift (link)

Albus Dumbledore and Tom Riddle:
:bulletgreen: The Secret Riddle: Albus's Collusion in Tom's Dirty Secret (link)
:bulletgreen: Accessory after the Fact: Albus and the Invention of Lord Voldemort (link)

Albus Dumbledore and Harry Potter:
:bulletred: The Strongest Shield (link)

Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore:
:bulletgreen: You Have Used Me: Severus Snape, Albus Dumbledore, Betrayal and Trust (link)

Hogwarts Houses:
:bulletblack: The Corruption of the House System (link)
:bulletgreen: All Death Eaters are Slytherin: Logic, Observer Effects, and Snape's Spying (link)
:bulletgreen: Elements of Pre-Christian vs. Christian worldviews in HP (link)

The Marauder Era:
:bulletred: The Prequel, and Judging James and Sirius (link)
:bulletred: Choosing a Secret Keeper (link)
:bulletgreen: When did Snape Defect, & When did the Potter's Go into Hiding? (link)
:bulletgreen: In Dispraise of Albus Dumbledore (link)
:bulletred: Defending the Indefensible (link)

Harry Potter and the Philosospher's Stone:
:bulletred: The Keeper of the Keys (link)
:bulletred: A Prejudiced Examination of Dumble’s First End-of-book Exposition (link)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban:
:bulletgreen: Draco’s Deception: The Buckbeak Scam (link)
:bulletred: The Dog that Didn’t Get Exonerated in the Night (link)
:bulletred: Lupin’s Resignation: A Doubletake (link)

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire:
:bulletgreen: Misjudging Tom: Apologies Regarding GoF (link)

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix:
:bulletred: The Effectiveness of the Order of the Phoenix (link)

:bulletblue: The Mother Who Lived (link)
:bulletblue: Flying from Memory: Flight in Harry Potter (link)
:bulletblack: Practically Royal: Blood Prejudice’s Parallels to Classism (link)
:bulletblack: The Treatment of House-Elves (link)
:bulletblack: The International Statute of Secrecy: The Early Years (link)
:bulletblack: Collection of Mini Essays on Muggles in the Potterverse (link)
:bulletblack: On Muggles, Muggleborns, and Wizards (link)
Just got home from Maleficent, it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Go see it!!!! :D :happybounce:


The Hare and the Otter
United States

Lord of the Rings: Reccommended Essays

These are my all-time favorite Lord of the Rings essays.

Note: Just because these are my favorite essays doesn't mean I agree with every single word/idea in them. It means I agree with the general idea and most of the essay. The opinions in my own works take precedence over any of my recommended essays.

Arwen Undómiel:
:bulletblue: Arwen's True Role in Lord of the Rings (link)
:bulletblue: Much Ado About Arwen: Elven Princess (link)
:bulletblue: Tolkien and the Gift of Mortality (link)
:bulletblue: Arwen's Choice (link)
:bulletblue: Arwen Fading (link)
:bulletblue: For the Love of Arwen (link)
:bulletblue: Liv Tyler is Arwen (link)

:bulletgreen: Legolas of Mirkwood: Prince Among Equals (link)
:bulletgreen: Speaking of Legolas (link)
:bulletgreen: Life of Legolas (Split into two parts) (link) and (link)

Arwen Undómiel and Frodo Baggins:
:bulletblue: The Evenstar and the Ringbearer: Their Intertwining Destinies (link)

:bulletblue: Tolkien's Females and the Defining of Power (link)
:bulletblue: Voices of a Music: Models of Free Will in Tolkien's Middle-earth (link)
:bulletblue: Fate and Free Will in Tolkien's Middle-earth (link)
:bulletblue: The Influence of Language: Belief in J.R. R. Tolkien's Fictional Mythology and The Lord of the Rings (link)
:bulletgreen: The Healing Arts of Middle-earth (link)



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